Have you ever looked at a painting and thought, “I bet I could do that too". If you have looked at popular art that features the airbrushing technique, then there’s a way you can learn the tricks of the trade to paint like your favorite artists.  Freddy Sicoli of Killer Kreations and Sicoli Art teaches airbrushing techniques customized to your skill level in his Philadelphia studio and can help you find a new way to express yourself through art. 

Classes will revolve around various mediums such as portraits and realism, graphics, mural work and T-shirt art. Along with the skills, you will learn what equipment you need and how to use and maintain it but if you have your own, you are welcome to bring that.  Whether you are starting from the beginning or looking to refine your skills, these workshops are designed to take you to the next level with professional artists guiding you. Class sizes are limited so sign up early and please include your experience level or examples of work so you get the most from each workshop.

   Classes are every Wednesday starting at 6 PM. We supply all the materials needed for the class. You can bring your own airbrush or any products that you like. The classes are $70 for 2 hours of hands on learning. We also can schedule a kids class if needed email or call Freddy for more info.  267-446-0142    sicolidesign@gmail.com


Beginner level

Introduction to Airbrushing - Technique and MechanicsEveryone must start somewhere and where better than the why’s and how’s of using an airbrush.  This workshop covers

  • Maintenance of airbrush and other equipment

  • Proper positioning and handling of airbrush

  • Application techniques that work with multitudes of mediums including as paint, makeup, edible art

Portraits and realism

Make your subject come to life with the details and depth that airbrushing can provide. This workshop covers the fine art techniques of airbrushing.

  • Review of beginning class essentials with a tailored focus on need

  • Underpainting and perspective

  • Shading and color

  • Skin tone and texture


Automotive graphics

When you want to make an impact on car or a wall, you better know how to do it right.  This workshop revolves around the specialty needs of large scale and automotive airbrushing skills.

  • How to prepare the surface for the image

  • The science behind the medium you choose and how to ensure the right selection

  • Technical skills such as graphics, striping and mural perspective