Inspiration comes from many areas. Fortunately for me, I could transform that inspiration into art from an early age.  Growing up in urban Philadelphia meant seeing graffiti art, great cars and an urban aesthetic. From there, it’s easy to see how I could help friends, clients and celebrities express themselves through automotive art and for 20 years, Killer Kreations was one of America’s top automotive art resources. 

Now it’s time to take that inspiration and move beyond the limitations of an automotive art company to follow my own path. Killer Kreations is just one part of me that is Freddy Sicoli. Going forward, the possibilities are limitless and I want to push myself to replicate that success in other mediums. 

Few great creations are born in a vacuum and there are many people who have traveled the Killer Kreations journey with me that were absolutely essential.  Christen Barilotti, Danielle Forshtay, Darrel Sewell, Steve LaFrance, Austin Ragno, Harry Berkley, Carlos Adams, and Robert Addeo…. this could have never happened without your help, encouragement and belief.  You set an example for great partnerships that sets the bar high for anyone else going forward.